EXPORTING HOPE … UGANDA and Emmanuel Rucyaba

emmanuel 2015


We have been friends with Emmanuel for many years, a friendship that has deepened over time. It is a privilege to partner and serve him. In past years we have helped with the construction of a school and provision of teaching staff, the building of a clinic and the ongoing construction of a hospital.

Through what we call “Exporting HOPE” we are planning to be involved in then following ways –

We are aiming to assist in the set up and ongoing mentoring of some businesses in order to provide uplift and dignity to those who have no work. We are seeking finances for this.

We are aiming to help connect Emmanuel to a variety of other apostolic ministries so that he can gain from increased fellowship and contribute his experience to others too.

We would like to help Emmanuel train up to 100 church leaders in the next 5 years, via sponsoring, and serving as teachers, in his leadership training school. Wouldn’t it be great if we could expand that facility to Rwanda in time!?

We have helped provide some advice and finances toward a farm to provide income for the ministry, enabling it ultimately to become more financially independent.

I am travelling to Rwanda and Uganda, with Colin Baron, this August.

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