“What’s Occurring at The Granary?”

They may look serene but under the water the ducks in the stream are paddling away furiously! It’s a bit like that at the moment with The Granary! – The building may look much the same on the outside, but the team are working very hard.


Some people have asked for an update, so here we are –

We are grateful that Carillion Richardson, the developers of surrounding properties, have provided temporary drains for building work and are also committed to supplying permanent ones, without charge.

We are now working with the water company to re connect the supply from just outside the building – which has proved a challenge as apparently the site doesn’t exist!!… So we need an address …  a post code…etc! … So very grateful for an excellent team working on all this!

Meanwhile the council is happy with our refined window suggestions to retain something of the style of the originals… but, on the other hand, removing some bits of the building will cost more than expected as they contain some asbestos, which needs careful removing and safe disposal.

We also need a contract for putting up scaffolding so that, rather lengthy, discussion is taking place, whilst quotes for re-roofing, insulating and re glazing are being sought…. Exciting to be nearing a time of construction. Thanks for your interest, we are paddling hard!


“Occurring” – A verb; to happen; take place, come about, transpire, materialize, arise, turn out, come to pass, fall out, pass off;  – There’s an awful lot to still occur … But, as you can see, a lot is actually happening right now!

We are planning another church gift day in April but if you’d like to partner with us please send to HOPE church, P.O Box 230, Worcester. WR5 3ZE (gift aid forms available for taxpayers)

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